High School Program

At Horizons an CT State Norwalk, formerly Norwalk Community College, we value our youth and aspire to inspire our students to believe in their potential.

We understand the importance of guidance and support, especially during their 4-years of high school.

Through empowerment and reinforcement, The Horizons at CT State Norwalk High School Program helps our high school students identify and overcome their barriers as they become socially and academically successful in this important and critical stage of their lives.

We offer a variety of opportunities that support our students' growth. These include:

1.       Mentoring Program: Each student is assigned to a mentor who volunteers their time and knowledge to help the student succeed. (4-year commitment.)

2.       Academic Support/ Workshops/Events: Based on the needs of our students and their families; ex: SAT prep courses, Self-esteem/building healthy relationships workshops, life skills workshop, quarterly in-person meetings to address other issues/concerns, college visits, and college prep panel.

3.       Educational Outings/Activities: To promote social skills, teamwork, self-efficiency, and problem-solving skills.

4.       Family Engagement and School Advocacy: Includes collaborative work with schools counselors, teachers and other organizations that work with student and the student’s family.

To qualify and enroll in our high school program, the student must have attended our summer program as a rising 9th grader.

If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, or would like to volunteer your time and be a speaker at one of our panels or host a workshop please contact Karen Marin, Program Coordinator, at kmarin@horizonsncc.org